This is my new blog thing and i don't really understand blogs yet, but i am going to try this anyway.
I will probably post my drawings and illustrations based on i dunno whatever. Ok!

Ok whatever.


Sheri said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! And thank you for visiting my blog. I love your artwork. It is very dream-like.

nadia chairunnisa said...

Mitttaaaa.....really love you blog darling...i've always loved your drawing's just like the one u made for my temporary tatto when we're in college, it got me a b-f right? Xixixi...All I can say is great job gurl!!! Really love it...I'll be waiting for more...Lov ya!! A job well done gurl...^_^

Ces said...

I am so glad you blog! I just scrolled through your drawings from the current through the beginning and I am awed. Oh my gosh Lakhsmita, your illustrations are surely poetry f the soul! I love them!

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