sandybau said...

Hi Mita! This is just adorable! Love the lace and the natural cord pieces...nice details!
So beautiful

Anonymous said...

Who are you dear Lady?
Your illustrations are beautifully soulful. I'm wondering, are they talking about your deepest feelings?

Have a wonderful day,
M. Dailey.

Sasan Fahimi said...

very gooooood Mita



Concerning the drawing, it's really excellent e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t excellent.

Concerning the metaphor, hum hum... I guess one more time it's particularly significative only for us both.

"Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, no religion too, imagine all the people living life in peace..." ... ...

Maybe you should consider more what John meant in his famous other quote: "Life is what happens to us while you are busy making other plans."

To us, he said ;)


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is so surreal and dreamy. fantastic WORK!!! I would love to see what you would do with a old fairy-tale like Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood! I bet it would be sooooooooo fabulous. I just know. Your style is always so beautiful and excellent. Great work once again. I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day my friend. Hope that it's as sweet as you.

Roberto Marín said...

oh Mita this is a beautiful job, I don't have words in english for tell you because Idon't know it enough. The colour, the collage, all seems like it is: an work of art. ...And J. Lennon, well, He is my great idol of every times. I have a photograph from He in a frame near my drawing board...remember He make me to get goose pimples (I also have a dictionary Español-English near my hand, jaja)
And Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog, I leave there an answer.

André Moreira said...

thanks ^^

lissa said...

the swan princess- that's the title I would use for this - a nice fantasy and I always like anything with umbrellas

Carlos Gesmundo said...


I'm intrigued by the illustration and I'm still trying to figure it out.

I'm drawn, however, to your piece about John. I love the guy, too. What the world would have been had he lived a while longer. I'm glad he left us "Imagine" before he died. What many progressive books have written--he distilled in one powerful song of hope and peace.

Imagine! Peace!

cally jane studio said...

Oh Mita...that's so lovely xx

Castro Smith said...

hey your drawings are getting better and better
i still try to work out how you make them,
Have you watched a film called EL TOPO?x

les croquis du loup said...

I love your ilustration !
Happy Valentin Day !!

Faruffa said...

Wonderful illo, I really enjoy your work!!!

. justin segal said...

what an interesting and haunting image! Great one!

Shirley said...

Mita! Hugs to you this Valentine's Day! My goodness, she is a beauty..a lovely swan princess (Queen?) who enchants us. And yes, John's words are so very powerful. Your artwork and words are so compelling each week..they draw us in to ponder, and admire, and then ponder again. I am so glad to have become such good friends. Happy hearts day to you! xoxo

Juan Carlos said...

Beautiful "Swanmaid." :D

Miss Go Lightly said...

Hello my darling Mita. So sorry, I haven't written, but know that your sweet and kind comments are always a delight to read and so very appreciated! Oh, and you are quite welcome on the award, and don't you fret about posting it or announcing it ;) but it is an award that is very well deserved even if it's in our little blogsphere ;) Once again, beautiful work here! and Viva John! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!
The little one and I send you odes and odes of love your way!
-E said...

a very emotive illustration!

lakhsmita indira said...

At M. Dailey:
No, they're not talking about my deepest feelings. They're talking about themselves for they live ethereally within my soul. Thank you for visiting! :)

Have a wonderful day to you too as well,


At L°:
The queen is kinda facing 2 boats, thats why she's adrift in a sea of despair.

L°ve to you too as well,

sarbu victor valentin said...


Saturnino said...

My dearest Mita. You know that i'm visiting my brothers and friends in Mexico, but that is no reason for not visiting your marvellous illustrations. You are so so talented...

Could you lend me your broomstick so i can fly to Indonesia to meet you so you can talk me about ghosts, witches and all that magic things that live in your head?

See you soon my sweet Mita

spindelmaker said...

How lovely and delicate!

MiKa Art said...

Hi Mita,
What a lovely work - beautiful colours!!

pennycones said...

This is wonderful and the quote is a classic :)


Evangelina Prieto said...

Beautiful, so ethereal and poetic as all your work.
A big hug for you,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Lakhsmita, i just know you are!
Glad i found you and your beautiful soul that full of bird, deer, swan, cat :)
Congrats and keep creating!

Warm regards,
M. Dailey

Amalia K said...

NICE...!! (^_^) oxx

Roberto Marín said...

Hi Mita i try to explain what does it mean JA JA or jaja, is an onomatopeia of laugh is simple ja ja, people use to put it to the end of a sentence when it is funny or to play something down ("to play sthg down", so my dictionary said jaja, i don't know if is correct)I hope you understand. and don't worry, I walk looking at the floor, sometimes I find a coin, ja ja.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Your mind delights my dear. It's not just that you are talented, which you are, it is also that you have heart, brilliant eye and a sort of elegant innocence. You make wonderful art and I'm always made happier for having visited Your blog.
Warm regards,

Amalia K said...

Nope, Mita.. actually it's ''... Maksudnya siapa yg sibuk nih, aku atau kamu???

donny* said...

very, very cool. love the rope.

Luise said...

one beautiful poetic image deriving from one beautiful witch :))

i love you,

Saturnino said...

This is Carlos Bustos reporting from Mexico City. Well Mita, as soon as i arrived in Indonesia (with my own broomstick of course) we're going to eat the tacos and we're going to talkabout a lot of things, not only gothic; we will talk about poetry
cats & dogs, and many other funny "topics".

I'm having the greatest time, this city is really amazing, i'm re-discovering it.

Tell me something. I bring the tacos but, what can we drink in Indonesia with the tacos?

See you soon

Silmi Sabila said...

Your works are totally great!

Saturnino said...

Mita Mita Mita, you are so funny. The thing is not on what we are going to talk about, but how we're talk about those things, there lies the amusing aspect of the conversation, in the "how". Philosophy can be really funny.

I love there Rottweiler!!!! And Labrador! They're so beautiful...

I post 3 photos in my blog so you can see the first tacos i ate as soon i landed in Mexico. The first pick is in Argentina's airport and i look as if i were in a Visconti's movie. The second is in Peru (in Lima) and i am eating a delightful "ceviche". And last but not least, i am finally in Mexico eating mi first taco with a strange face. I hope you don't get scared with that ugly face!

See you soon

ps. you will come to Mexico one day, you'll see

laughingwolf said...

'...give me a boat that will carry two, and both shall row, my love and i.'

laughingwolf said...

getcher award yet?

[at: thx bernita]

Andrew Finnie said...

I'm currently practicing flying my broomstick properly without crashing into things. That is what i'm thinking when i'm sketching as i'm still learning.

Ho! I am still crashing into everything ... and nothing.

Wonderful work. The 3d and the 2d and the textural contrast and the semi grunge and the patterning.

You have the gift.

Good to see.... cheers

Roberto Marín said...

wow Mita how many kindly words you said to me in your comment (anothers followers don't be jealous!) It make also cheers me up, in this days our son Alfred take a plane to NZ to meet his sisters that live there and my wife and I are a little sad... well so is life, no?. I'll try always to leave here a comment that put your mood up in the sky jaja (I send you by mail the coin that i find)

Roberto Marín said...

Mita I've just seen your old post about Beatles, ¡¡you must see the picture "ACROSS THE UNIVERSE"!!!!believe me!!

justdoodleit said...

Imagine no direction, just going for the sake of going :)

Shirley said...

Mita - I've sent you an email at your yahoo account...let me know if you haven't received it, ok?

Castro Smith said...

hey i dont know where to reply anymore :)
yes el topo is john lenons favourite film, its very strange
with many abstract meanings that are all probably created by ones
mind. Its a western , but also its very psycadelic and theres love religion
so many different things involved.
The knife is a band in sweden a brother and sister, you should give them a listen :) they have a song called hearbeats youl like

is everything ok there?
you know mabie im not as free as i appear to be ! traveling becomes very lonly , adventures are lonly
If you read some of my first sketchbook pages they are all lonly poems about not having homes or a place to call my own.
how is everything, do you have another job? or do you just illustrate?
I want to see what your place looks like!
a house tells alot about character! :)X

sarbu victor valentin said...


Roberto Marín said...

Don’t worry , I ‘ll go to your Indonesia to take some tea, like The Zen tells “all are relative”, distance don’t exist, so I think about my son and daughters and always I have they near to me. Some of this days you can make me some chai tea and i'll be there drinking it and talking about Beatles, don’t you know! I have all the original LP (I buy them wen I was a teenager jaja, ages ago JA JA))

r3ndr said...

Absolutely love the new illustration and the addition of the John Lennon quote to adorn the entry, befitting to my mood at the moment. <3

Ces said...

How did I miss this? This is so perfect. Lakhsmita I just read in today's Wall Street Journal Weekend edition:

"Physicists tend to make their first important discovery in their late 20s. The only field that peaks before physics is poetry."

I think you are peaking and I may say, you ride that broom like no other beautiful witch. You got me looking for a broom today. I think I'll follow you but don't fly so fast, I am a neophyte at riding brooms although I always had the sentimentality, emotions and temperament for being a witch and can throw a tantrum that the most experienced witch would envy.

genie espinosa said...

i really love the softness of the colors, and the red gloves & delicate!

Francisco Martins said...

Beautiful work! :)

Burt said...

Ohhhhhh, verrrry cool art. Bookmarking now! :D

Rosie said...

Great atmosphere.

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