Le narval,
~ to the Land of Youth.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Mita, this is so beautiful....I especially love the sealing wax at the top!
Your work is ethereal! Love it!


sonoio said...

es muy linda!!!

un beso

Laurent Daedalus said...

Le monde entier est un cactus
Il est impossible de s'asseoir
Dans la vie, il y a que des cactus
Moi je me pique de le savoir
Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe aïe aïe

Dans leurs coeurs, il y a des cactus
Dans leurs porte-feuilles, il y a des cactus
Sous leurs pieds, il y a des cactus
Dans leurs gilets, il y a des cactus
Aïe aïe aïe, ouille ouille ouille, aïe

Pour me défendre de leurs cactus
A mon tour j'ai mis des cactus
Dans mon lit, j'ai mis des cactus
Dans mon slip, j'ai mis des cactus
Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe aïe aïe

Dans leurs sourires, il y a des cactus
Dans leurs ventres, il y a des cactus
Dans leurs bonjours, il y a des cactus
Dans leurs cactus, il y a des cactus
Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe

Le monde entier est un cactus
Il est impossible de s'assoir
Dans la vie, il y a que des cactus
Moi je me pique de le savoir
Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe aïe aïe

Aïe... Aïe... Ouille...

Laurent Daedalus said...

Stop to draw. Write me, my Fav Cactus.

Laurent Daedalus said...

Laurent Daedalus said...

Probably the most mysterious.
I say, I said, I say again.
Come in Paris, Berlin, London.
I'm here to promote your talent.
You cannot denigrate This.
In ID, perhaps they don't care.
Here we are, I care, and I'm sure.

Zlatica said...

The girl is so fragile and so brave in the same time.

Jack Foster said...

So great Mita! Great subtle twist on the topic. Had me searching the image for clues. You are a creative genius my dear! If we could just ride back into our youth with the experience we have now...... Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones Mita. Great post!

roberto am said...

Very beautiful! Back tomorrow!.
Thank you for your words, you're very kind.

Icarus and Daedalus said...

I don't understand.
Each night I'm waiting for You.
I come to try my own number,it works.

When did you call?
I received nothing.

BDG isn't a jungle, are you sure?

I miss you so much, too much :(

dthaase said...

marvelous drawing

Syene said...

This is just so simply haunting and beautiful.

Helena said...

So freakin' amazing! I love it!

neilornstein said...

very nice work

audrey said...

Ah, Mita, this mail is sealed with blood, is it not? It is no surprise that you would make the seals of blood. Another wonderful work of art!
Are you still so busy? You need some rest time before the start of the new year. (: You have been in my thoughts.
♥ fairy fish

Andrew Finnie said...

well such a magical creature eh? I know now why sailors of olde thought they were mermaids. Because of the beautiful woman on their backs.

Learn something every day, hey?

Be carefu, see you in a while i hope. I gave your skull back too. :) Actually Santa borrowed it but I snitched it while he wasn't looking.

Tammie said...

a wild and wonderful ride
that i would enjoy taking
thank you for sharing and a lovely solstice to you!

Kylie said...

Oh that we could travel back to our youthful selves and whisper the secret that will make all the difference...don't be afraid everything will be ok.

les croquis du loup said...

J'adore ce que tu fais ! C'est tellement plein de poésie !!! Bravo à toi !

SIlvia Álvarez said...

Tu estilo es delicado, frágil, tiene un gran encanto.
Gracias por tu comentario

Hard Dog Cafe said...

love it

roberto am said...

Ah, this is very beautiful. I think that is a Narval, you know, a woman was dragged into the sea and became a Narval. (before I write this not say Narval, right?)
With so much water, fear not, your head would not burn. And I see you riding on it and you have the reins. this is a good indicator, I think, the land of youth as it says under your illustration is not a bad place to go. everything happens too fast.
Ah. excellent detail of the drawing in the seal with the sealing, (excellent repeat the drawing of the seal, under the bun)
I think it's one of your drawings that I like most.
See you!!!

Graciela said...

Hi mita sweet, lovely illustration as we have come, thanks for sharing it with us
these are some very small corn dark red trim are only not to eat and are very cute
hugs xo xo ♥♥♥

Nicole said...

this is so beautiful ;-) again!!

how did you create this blog-page? it's great!


Laurent Daedalus said...

I'm not deaf.

Without You, I'm Le Dormeur du Val.

With two red holes on the right side :(

De Wilde said...

I wish my mail looked like this, beautiful. Narval are such magical creatures, like Unicorns of the sea.

Lily Riani said...

you never fail to impress me.

Laurent Daedalus said...

Do you sleep?

roberto am said...

I think my previous comment has been so confusing that not even a witch with a beard can understand, see, say:
Ah, this is very beautiful.
I think that is a Narval, right?
you know, a woman was dragged into the sea and became a Narval.
(When I started writing this, the word Narval was not under your picture, right?)
With so much water, you need not fear, your head will not burn;)
And I see you riding on it and you have the reins. this is a good indicator, I think, the land of youth as it says under your illustration is not a bad place to go. Everything happens too fast.
Excellent detail of the heart on the sealing!
and the small heart hanging and detail of the folded paper. subtly indicate a creative intention. Indicates that nothing was done by accident.
This tends to perfection, which obviously never be reached.
Nor should it be the artist's intention, reach
Now I think, is clear.

art is jokken said...

"For some reason, we've just lost it. I know we still have it. Everyone has got to find it."
But that little girl on the narval has IT !
art-is- a fib has it too

donny* said...

oh yeah. A narwhal is always great. Absolutely love this one. The colors on the body are p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

PS I know that Sonic Youth cover very well. I always hated the Carpenters and that song, but hearing Thurston Moore sing it, I can love it.

Juan said...

Exquisite. I love your line work!

Vilt og vakkert said...

Heisann, julsann!

Just like a visual poem, love it ;:OD)

My Christmas greeting to you:

Anthropomorphica said...

I love your narwal and the sea.

siberja said...

love it.. <3
you're a real, pure artist my friend..

Eccenhilo-Carmen said...

I like very much the atmosphere in your work, greetings :)

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Absolutely stunning!

Horacio said...

To fly in high sky, to swim in deep oceans, no idea what I am looking for.
But don't care, just with my unicorn...

I like so much! I wish ride too.
See u little

roberto am. said...

Lakhsmita, do you know I'm back again to see your illustration?
Well, you know, I come back, and back and back, I need several times to see a picture.
And it caught my attention your Narval. And now I realize why.
Is a "Klimtianian" narval!!!!!
Do you understand what I mean? That is a narval seemed painted by Klimt!. Gorgeous!

TJ Lubrano said...

Gorgeous Mita! This is simply stunning! Your imagination is so interesting, just like the little poems/sentence you write with each post! It's always a surprise what you write next ^_^. I love it!

Take care, stay warm (that is if it's cold at your place haha) Happy Holidays and have a super magical & creative 2011! Till next email/comment ;)


Nekocherry said...

I am having some problems with internet connection! How are you darling?

Glen Batoca said...

Hi Mita!
Wonderful! You really have a great job,always poetic and beautiful!

Ilaria Benedetti said...

Across the sea, with this enchanting animal,
how beautiful must be!
(kind of rhyme, or whatever ;)

lissa said...

dreamy and lovely as always

hope your holiday is sweet and happy

Ces said...

Yes, do you sleep? I don't. I am sorry I have not been by, dearie, but I think of you everyday, very easily because your artwork is gracing my wall.

Horacio said...

Im sure there is someone...
im sure still warm...

ps.I love that denim jacket, must be perfect with that black hat.

Icarus and Daedalus said...

I didn't know that Blogger doesn't accept embed codes with objects.

As you can imagine, I didn't find very funny your words after all e shared.

Concerning this site, yours, comes back tongiht or tomorrow, that depends how I proceed., as you wish, will be only a redirection.

Because of the weather here, the Post has a lot of work belayed. I'm going to send it probably the day before "Christmas", tomorrow or friday.

I did a lot for you, yo show you things in this package. <thzt is why your maild are too obscure for me, especially after what we did. But it's not the place to speak about that.

Call me in 1h if you can, or should I say if you WANT.

Tjhere os a sentence that I didn't approve. You can guess which one.


RAKU. said...

precioso, me encanta, love it.

Ces said...

My dearest friend, you are so beautiful. Your art is an extension of yourself and therefore just a s beautiful. I have been tired but forging on. Merry Christmas, dearest one. Tsup!

Icarus and Daedalus said...

So disappointing...

No more comment.

Laurent Daedalus said...

You are now like me under OVH, youpiiiiiii! will be available in few hours :)

Ana said...

So Beautiful and ethereal :)
I wish I could receive mail like this ♥

Laurent Daedalus said...

I think that I'm going to do the same for illustrationpoetry, but only using a redirection, as you want your own name as real domain.

Coming back on your mails of today, I must say that I'm still disappoited. In fact I don't understand what happens in your brain.

You want me, us, we do things, then you say sorry, afraid... Afraid of me? Terrible. And impossible after all we did. We'll speak by mail or chat, as you didn't call tonight.

FYI, Ithe last night, I didn't sleep, too much You in the head and elsewhere.

Maybe this thurday you'll have a little rupture with your blog, the time for me to install your domain. So don't be afraid, it's likr that, internet.

I kiss You Baby. For more words, mails & calls, ok.

Ana said...

I think blogger and I are friends again :)
Did you receive the Audrey sites I sent you? I found one with great old posters from movies...I'm gonna look for the link.

Laurent Daedalus said...

And for all your visitors & followers, they'll have to leave your Blogger address.

Concerning me, Go+Net, anyway it's french but can be easily translated. I wanted to open it on 10/10/10. Not enough time. I launched it at the 1st of January 2011.

It will be a mix of the best sites here, Paris-Dijon-Lyon-Marseille. I should had Toulouse but I dunno enough this city. We'll find enough thingd in american too, like for movies, IMdB (<internet Movie data Base) & Rotten Tomatoes, so excellent. I dunno, I'll see. to organize all of that.

Two living artists will be promoted with their agreement: Pierre Citron ( and my Love ( You'll tell me.

When I met my father the last rime, he said he wanted me for Christmas. This guy is terrible. We are in oppositions but he wants me.

Be Terible Baby, I want You. And i kiss you everywhere? If you leave me, I'm dead. Love.

Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Mita, well my friend, I am sorry for your tears. Do you believe in santa?

I'm sure he will be kind to you.

Be careful and happy everythings eh?

Do you know we have thong slapping contests here?
I will tell you about them later. :)
Careful with that skull too!

Ana said...

here again :)
Are you sad? You know this time of the year makes me kind of depressed too... I brought something lovely to share though. Hope you haven't seen it before because if you haven't it's gonna make you smile :)

Icarus and Daedalus said...

Good link Ana!

My fave one is this pic at Tiffany's:

Laurent Daedalus said...

I don't understand?
Yes, I'm not Haris.

Since 3 years we share the beautiful things we can on the web. What I don't understand is the kind of mail I received yesterday. You want, then you're sorry, afraid, etc... Am I criminal at that point? While you spent all these times together, you say exactly what is not to say. Howx do you dare to say it can't work, my mail, religion, or what? When you know that we want the same thing.

Since 2 nights I don't sleep? You in mind.

You called me this morning, I answered, nobody. I recalled, I felt on a voicemail, not purposing to leave a message, as usual of course. There's really a problem with your phone.

I don't know more how to show you. Gifts will be material. I'm human, physical. And my heart is for you.

What ou described like fear in one of your last mail, you must know that it's the same for me. Me too, I'm afraid, but not for the same reasons...

3 years waiting for you, looking at all your gestures, knowing how worksn a bit your mind, reconizing and approuving all your poetry and your artworks. What happens in your head?


I did the tranfer to OVH last night, and I finished the informatics operations this morning. All is approuved. will wor in few moments today. If you don't want of the other domains I reserved for you initially, well it's useless to keep it. But I think it would be good to keep as redirection., you never used it nor appreciated it, so I guess it will be destroyed.

I mail you as soone as your domain is valid.

Accept my pain and my kisses.

red-handed said...

God i like her, and her failing scales of colour.

Pásztohy Lili said...

hello my witch friend if you wanna see beautiful thing of la narval watch and think of this
hey is it already christmasday downthere? dont forget to tell me what you got from the angels bye

Shirley said...

Mita!! I am popping out of my hibernation to wish you a wonderful holiday and New Year's ahead. I am smitten with this beauty..Narwal's are our favorites and you did an amazing job with this illustration! I am intrigued and delighted to see your "Phenomenon" piece as are truly so creative and talented, you know that! Thank you, my friend for your visits this year. I have been out of the loop but hope to visit you more in 2011..thank you for being YOU! xoxo

Hard Dog Cafe said...

merry christmas!

Alandroide said...

Great!! You are a master of the ilustration :)

roberto a m said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
audrey said...

YAY! You're back!!!
♥♥♥ FF

audrey said...


audrey said...


audrey said...


audrey said...


les croquis du loup said...

j'ADORE CE QUE TU FAIS !!!! C'est si beau ...

Signe said...



Deborah said...

Tis me, visiting you. Love love love. I traveled to the Land of my Youth this morning. I wish I had rode with you. I would have worn my top hat. Mine had no blood. **kisses** Deb

Silke said...

So glad you entered my giveaway!! :-) Can't wait for that special cup of tea... Love, Silke

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Incredibly creative.

Warm regards.


Glen Batoca said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MITA !!!!!! :-) !!!!

Carlos Gesmundo said...

narwhal horn
special delivery
to Tir na n0g

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Mita! how are you girl?
Sorry for the lack of visits to your blog as well, I've been crazy with work and a little too lazy to blog.
Thank you so much for your always so nice comments, I'm very glad we met this year as well, because it's super awesome to know that there's always people as crazy as I am out there :P haha!

Everyone says that the rabbit is hot. But how bout mister tiger?? he's getting sad cause no one thinks he's hot :P
Nope... I'm still living in Lisbon... Sintra is 30 mn away so there's no point in moving cause I can go there anytime :)

LOVEEEE this illustration.. you keep surprising me every time. I'm amazed by your raw talent each and every visit. Love your style, love your art, love the things you write, love your creative universe and the fact that your blog is a poem by itself. You are a true artist and the things you do inspire us all.
The other 2 illustrations that I missed are totally gorgeous as well :)

I wish you the happiest holidays EVER with your friends/family/pets :) May the new year bring you happiness and lot's and lots of success!

PS: being a witch I'm sure you're preparing a great spell for the new year's eve. I'm planning to fly over the city on my magic broom with my cat salem, and release a magic potion over people! They will never now what hit them... and no one will notice cause they'll just think it's the fireworks :D


Graciela said...

Hi sweet Mita, how lucky you are again around here, they miss you very much, and thanks for your good wishes, happy new year to you too.
hugs and kisses for you

Rita said...

My dear Mita, thank you so much for your wishes! Here are my best ones for a really fantastic happy new year and happy everything for you!
Love your last works...enchanted, as ever and more...! So antique and delicate...

Francisco Martins said...

Yup! I totally am calling you crazy! :P
See ya next year

Tammie Lee said...

you are so lovely to have dropped in and left me a sweet note, thank you. Lovely to come back to this post and take your art in again!

I wish you a new year that feels wonderful to you.

MIKE said...


Rrramone said...

Mita!! my favorite witch! :-) I LOVE this illustration and I wish you the absolute best of everything this coming year. I know you are a new friend, but I will be putting together a happy new year blog soon!! xo

Andrew Finnie said...

Hey, I'm so glad you are back. :) and a hippy new year too you too :)

don't let go too hard

see you in Oz hey.

oh my magic word is 'pityl"
I wonder who 'l' is?

audrey said...

Shrodinger's Cat is definitely a thought process, Mita. I found it through the virtue of observance. Once I entered, I felt like it was a secret place. Did you mean for it to be? If it is, I won't return.
I did LOVE the Cat Power music ~ it really did take me somewhere new.
How have you been, sweet witch?

renilde said...

Hello Lakhsmita, thanks for your visit and your wishes. I have been browsing your blog, admiring your work. Delicate but strong, very poetic, full of emotions, beautiful work and words.
I wish you a creative 2011, lots of happy moments and pleasant surprises and I'll be back to enjoy your art.x Renilde

ti-igra said...

Sympathy for The Devil, dear!!! Happy New Year!!! Here my Light with kisses for you!!! :-)))))
Oaks and Clouds all greeting you with me! :-) said...

dear, just a delicate smile for you!

Surabhi said...

hi sweetheart
Wishing you a warm and prosperous 2011.
lots of love,

Anonymous said...

best wishes
best drawing
best poetry

have a happy new year!

roberto a m said...

it's gone the whole year, where was I that I did not notice?
Happiness! by 2011 that will☺♥♪♫
este un comentario OMG o es un comentario GMO?

Eccenhilo-Carmen said...

Ohh! Thanks!! I hope your wishes come true in the 2011... a big hug!!

audrey said...

Glad to hear I can visit the other blog ~ I will do that from time to time.
pjg = patrick joseph gallagher My brother who left this world in late September. I miss him so much.
♥ FF

Horacio said...

Hola Mita,
I hope that in the New Year the Happines runs over you and lines, colors and brushes come with a lot of art! Very very very great 2011

Ps. For every word and... thks.

Ces said...

Hello, sweet. Just wanted to tell you I love you and think of you. Oh yes, never called myself a dreamer, never called myself an artist either. I am the anti-artist. Happy New Year. Tsup!

S and O said...

That is a very pretty piece...
Great blog!
I hope your having a wonderful day!

s.b. kosinski said...

and many narwhals for you in 20 eleven.

Horacio said...

Muchos besos, abrazos y buenos deseos para este nuevo año que se aproxima!

Continua sonriendo, pequeña...

Horacio said...


encaracolada said...

Magic, Oniric, soulfully vintage as the year that´s waiting for you!!
Big hug!

roberto a m said...

OMG Everything is fine!
OMG! Happy New Year!
omg ... I did not want to paint anything and I put in the header of the blog my "Olympia"
Yes is the same as before.
(Do not tell anyone)
(You can not keep a secret☻☻☻☻)

Evangelina Prieto said...

Maravillosa!, gracias por regalarnos este sueño precioso.
Mucha alegría, muchos colores y trazos por dibujar para ti. Un gran abrazo y feliz 2011

Eileen Moreno said...

Happy new year for you too, gorgeous!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new year:D:D:D*

blue eyed night owl said...

It is beautiful! I love how your art is so translucent, not too bright. I've always loved that more than all those bright and dark colors.

Happy New Year!

Isabelle said...

Dear Mita,

You always surprise me!! But that is a good thing! Your narval art is beautiful!! I wish you a very happy new year Mita!
Miss Belle as you call me ;-)

Graciela said...

Thanks sweet Mita!!!!!!!! i love too, and happy new year!!!!
kisses for you

Tango Chow said...

happy new year Mita!

TJ Lubrano said...

Happy Happy Happy New Year my Pretty Mita ^_^!!

I'm truly glad that we met in 2010 and that I can count you as one of my friends!

BIG Hugs & Kisses and till we meet in 2011 ;)

Vilt og vakkert said...


A big new year's hug from me to you!
!0000 thanks for your greetings on my blog ;:OD)

Bjorg Nina

Icarus and Daedalus said...

Happy new year 2011, my Princess!

I kiss You & will think of You all night long.

¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨) ♥.-´¯`-.-


Laurent Daedalus said...

I do more than all you can imagine.
I bought an magazine today called Computer Arts with a CD/DVD.

It contains a lot of things for Photoshopping:
> 3D iClone 4 complete.
> 3D Vue 8.5 xStream PLE complete.
> VIDEO Virtual Dub freeware.
> IMAGES iStock.

+ The mag of course speaking about Photoshopping, Sex & Design, Objects of Desire by images, Erotic Codes, Tendances, Illustrator, Blender, InDesign, all the 3D functions of Photoshop.
+ The "new australian wave", sensual & creative they say on the cover...

I'll send it to you with the "famous" package for your (& ours) anniversary.

I bought also something else, to eat, Delicious, for You, Baby.

Happy new year one time again!

¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨) ♥

Kisses Kisses Kisses Treasure


Icarus and Daedalus said...


PS: "I just don't"?

I never wish a beautiful new year before midnight!!!

PPS: I need to know if you want to keep & as redirections, or if you don't mind & if it is useless for you...

PPPS: I joined your secret blog to follow more easily what you publish.

PPPPS: The Secret Garden is restored (I think you saw it).

PPPPPS: Yes I know nothing about Photoshopping so I just hope it will interest you, these softwares.

I have to work a lot to launch Go+Net at the beginning of this year. At the same time, I'm working on an other site for extreme movies. All of that must be done in this January.

I terribly miss You.

Tell me what you do this weekend.

Ti abbraccio con tutto il mio Cuore.


audrey said...

Sending love and hugs to you sweet Mita to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
♥ FF

finefine said...

a marvellous year to you, full of surprises & birds singing in your head !

Keep creating more & more magical drawings, I'm fond of them. Kisses

IwoX said...

I like your style, your ilustration and your poetry:)
Best wishes to the new year!

Eraserhead said...

Hello, Mita!

Happy new year 4 u!!!

Jack Foster said...

Happy New Year Mita! Thanks for sharing your wit and your wonderful talent with us in 2010! PB&J! (peace, blessings and joy) to you in 2011!

ColeAndJosephine said...

And a happy new year to you, too!

Ana said...

I wasn't online so it's a bit late but still the best wishes for this 2011, full of wonderful drawings, hapiness, love and health.
...for the money we can always start the band :)

Ana said...

the devil has accepted your sympathy...
just be careful no to wear a heart-shaped necklace if you find one in your room.

Ana said...

or maybe being a witch remember to break any spell on it first.
see you :)

Ilaria Benedetti said...

Hi! Happy Ney Yeaaaaaaaaaar!!!
Hope you're not doing all those boring "things-to-do list".

The Singing Lady Bird

Laurent Daedalus said...

Ma Belle, I miss You...

Zlatica said...

Happy new year, my beautiful friend!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a happy new year too, with inspiration, imagination and creation ;) Kisses from the north of France

Laurent Daedalus said...

Impose your chance, hug your happiness, and go towards your risk.
Watching you, they will get used.

~ René Char, "Les Matinaux" / "The Early Risers" (or "The Wakers"), 1950.

Laurent Daedalus said...

No doubt that ideally, a person being endowed with a minimum of will, it should work. As far as seen so far, the pursuit of happiness is something is something close to the neurosis which leads more to addictions happiness than the happiness itself.

We just have to look at all the recipes of happiness that we sell to us to begin to doubt of the proactive property and of the pragmatic view that we have commonly.

Yes, we get used to search it, and it's like love or a misplaced and lost paper: the more you find you search, the less you find, and the less you find, more you become more unfortunate and obsessed with your research. Nothing really happy inside that.

Reading the poetry of Char, regarding the message "Impose... They will get used", he reveals a strange equivalence between happiness and authenticity. Being yourself and ourselves is, I agree, the best way to be happy, especially if it is in spite of others' opinions, and especially if it goes against the prison of their eyes.

Don't stay alone. I'm here. My eyes are yours and offered to you.

Sh@s said...

First time here on your blog.
Beautiful work, loved it :)

pat said...

Ola, bruja hermosa...thanks for stopping by...I know it's a little late but Happy New Year to you, too. Please broom on over here some time:).

Andrew Finnie said...

Nice to see you Pat!

Mita, Iyam just back from holidays. So haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapty new year to you my friend. I 'ope it is a good one. I'm sure it will be.

They're all good, in their own little ways. I saw a pic of those kimono patterns. Very beautiful. (that book your da' gave you) I have something similar - but different.

Andrew Finnie said...

hmm that made a lot of sense - so different to my usuual :) Well it will maaake Ces laugh perhaps.

you will be incredibly interested to know my word is 'pophola'

Krystal said...

I hope that your house is decorating with these amazing things :):)
And I've missed you and your blog!! I'm finally back from vacay and so excited to be able to read your blog again :) thanks for your fun comments while I was away my lady!

les croquis du loup said...

C'est magnifique comme toujours !!!
Bonne année à toi :)

Marshmallow Beanie said...

Happy New Year Mita my friend! Yay for you and your artistry. What beautiful work ;-)

Laurent Daedalus said...

It's my home which is decorated by these amazing witch things


Icarus and Daedalus said...

Where is my cat?

Impossible to sign in GooooooFriend...

Since when Google bugs like a Yaghoort???

Laurent Daedalus said...

All of that to say that him and I (and You?) watch at this picture everyday:

Laurent Daedalus said...

I dunno if you have seen, but your site/blog is now customized with a little favicon, and mainly, a new option, allowing people to watch your works by mobiles.

I dunno what holidays you're talking about...?

Monday, monday, okay...

I'm working in silence on Go+Net.

It will be loaded (all posts are hidden) in one week, around the 15th of January.

After I'll be with Icare, while the family's going to Cape Verde, Boa Vista, not Buena Vista Social Club LOL (I dunno if you have seen this movie made by Wim Wenders - the fabulous author of "Paris, Texas" + "Der Himmel über Berlin" ("The wings of Desire") - dedicated to Compay Segundo and his friends.

Laurent Daedalus said...

Chan Chan from Cuba... y el Commandante...
Buena Vista... y el Social Club...

I'd like to go to Cuba, one day.
(official traier? sound not good but images by Wenders)

Otherwise, with a Real sound in concert...

Hasta Siempre... El Che.

Well... I come back ;)

Maria Dermengiu said...

Your work is amazing! hugs, Maria

Deborah said...

Just me. Looking for you. Awe, there you are, my pretty! **kisskiss** Deb

Miss Aoki said...

Very Cute!!! I love the color, the narval, the textures.... I love all!!! *W*

laughingwolf said...

just: WOW!

Cherisse @ [Framing Spaces] said...

This is really CUTE! Very magical illustration story

Miss Rosette Brune said...

just wanted to say, i like this so much,
oh, its nice to be alive and feel like this,
but after 147 comments, its overwhelming...
should I leave another one?
your devoted secret admirer

Jose said...

A breath of fresh air.The best fresh air I´ve found over the globosphere.

A hug from Spain

Dimensions and Colors in Life said...

Aww. another lovely narwhal~~~~~~

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