The Living Poetry

You fell in love with the artist,
the one who,
even after you broke their heart,
made you look like something 
made you sound like
a miracle.

They wrote you a thousand poems,
crafted you a million different ways,
all making you exist within the lines of beauty.

Do you know how lucky you are?
To have broken the heart of someone,
someone who will turn you into art?
You've been alive before,
but never like this.


Andrew Finnie said...
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Andrew Finnie said...

let's try that again: love watching the process and how the bird's eye is reiterated in the semi colon - so there !

illustration poetry said...

@Andrew Finnie hey? thanks so much for your kind message, I didn't know you were still on blogger, I thought everyone just disappeared. I went to your blog but I didn't know where to post comment so I just replied you here instead.
I hope you've been well.

Paolo Domeniconi said...

Seeing you drawing gives a sense of quiet happiness. Have a good weekend and take care of you.

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