Happy Holidays!

The only things i regret, and the only things i’ll ever regret are things i didn’t do.
In the end, that’s what we mourn.
The paths we didn't take.
The people we didn't touch. You.
Happy New Year.

my finger and work in progress

bad scanned, sorry
and merry Christmas everyone


 we are merely ghosts
who hold each other and pray
for lungs and bones

 playing with pencil and graphite ^__^

Character Study

character study 01

character study 02

Psychognosy, work in progress
 or i was just bored.


Commission work i did recently, thought it might fit well into this week's 
Illustration Friday theme of "Children", or i don't know whatever.

week in photos

Nothing interesting, been busy with new work and marathoning TV series, as always, 
i don't know just how to stop.