The Living Poetry

You fell in love with the artist,
the one who,
even after you broke their heart,
made you look like something 
made you sound like
a miracle.

They wrote you a thousand poems,
crafted you a million different ways,
all making you exist within the lines of beauty.

Do you know how lucky you are?
To have broken the heart of someone,
someone who will turn you into art?
You've been alive before,
but never like this.


Letting Go

"I do not abandon anyone, but I do not hold the hand of that who wishes to leave."

you x me

در زمانه ای که عمر عشق يک آه و دمه
من هنوز تو گفتن دوست دارم واموندم

During a time when love is reduced to a breath,
I am still trying to say I love you.

Little Men and Jo's Boys


Work preview of book covers i made, some pressed flowers, 
my writing, random picture of flowers i took, 
a video of my work in progress (15secs because i recorded it using Instagram). 
Well, nothing important, i'm just not good at anything anyway.